How To Care For And Maintain Adult Friendships


This gets harder the older you get. In high school and college, your friends surrounded you almost every moment of every day. You went to class together, attended extracurricular activities together, and, if you’re like me, you even had the same job as your best friends in high school (no seriously, my friends and I all worked at LifeTime Fitness together for many years and it was awesome).

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Whole30 Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

Whole30 Tips, Tricks, and Recipes
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At the beginning of this year, I embarked on my second Whole30 journey. While my first attempt only lasted 22 days, this time I did the whole damn thing (*pats self on back*). If you don’t know what Whole30 is, you can read about it here. In short, it’s 30 days with no grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, soy, or legumes. That cuts a lot out of most people’s diets, including my own.

In addition to giving up all of the above, I also gave up coffee for the month. I felt that it’s just not worth it to drink my coffee black, and wanted to give my body a break from the constant caffeine intake anyways.

People ask about my experience a lot, so I wanted to share some tips and insight for those wanting to try a Whole30 challenge! If you have any questions on things I haven’t covered, please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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2016 Wrap Up and 2017 Goal Setting

2016 Wrap Up and 2017 Goal Setting

2016 was a year for the books (and kind of a terrible one for the world overall… why did you have to take Bowie, 2016?!). While I’m bummed about a lot that happened this year, I can’t help but feel thankful for all the good things that happened in my personal life. 2016 was, for me, an incredible year of growth and change that I never could have seen coming. For example…

I got a new full-time job that I love.

I travelled over 14 times to places like San Francisco, Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York.


I wrote some of my favorite blog posts to date, like…

This Galentine’s Day post


This Beach Bachelorette Party post


This DIY floppy hat tutorial (and people MADE THEM!!)


and this Friendsgiving post!


I moved to a new apartment in a great neighborhood in Chicago.

I started dating Idan


I bought a guitar and started guitar classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music, my goal from last year.


2016 was the perfect impetus to propel me into 2017 with new, realistic goals. I have some concrete plans, and will have all of these done by this time next year. Really. I will…

  • Shoot one roll of film per month (I already bought the film so I have no excuses).
  • Partner with more brands that I love and want to spread the word about.
  • Continue guitar classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music — guitar repertoire here I come!
  • Add more percentage to the money I put into savings each month so I can start saving for bigger things — a condo, a car, a big trip, etc. #adulting
  • Read 20 books (this year I read 15 and I think I can do better). Also, you can follow my reading list in real time here.
  • Work out at least 16x per month.
  • Complete another Whole30 challenge (starting halfway through January! Who wants to join me?)

This is a lot. I know it is. BUT, I’m stubborn and determined, AND 2017 won’t know what hit it.


What were some great things that happened to you this year? What are your goals for 2017?