Coffee and Pocky Pairings + A Cute Chicago Coffee Shop

If you saw last month’s Valentine’s Day DIY post, you know that I’m obsessed with Pocky: a delicious, portable, sweet treat. I frequently use their chocolate flavor as a coffee stirrer, and that had me thinking… what kinds of Coffee and Pocky pairings could I put together?! So I went over to Dollop Coffee Co. in Chicago to find out.

Dollop Coffee Chicago

Dollop Coffee Co Chicago

First of all, I finally found this Dollop location after admiring it from afar on Instagram for a long time.

Cute Coffee Shop in Gold Coast, Chicago

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10 Places To Get Your Creativity On In Chicago

Many of my friends have told me that their 2017 goal was to learn something new, whether it be coding, cooking, or throwing on a pottery wheel. Being who I am as a person, I immediately gravitated towards creative classes, and started putting together a list for friends to help them navigate their way through their awesome resolutions. Since I was making a list of places for creativity in Chicago anyways, I thought I’d share with you!

Chicago is just brimming with places to unleash your creative juices. Whether you think you’re a creative or not (you are), I promise I found something for you–take a peek below at the many outlets for your right-brained self, and let me know if you sign up for something!

Guitar Classes Chicago

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What To Buy For A Chicago Winter

What To Buy Chicago Winter
Photo via Kelly In The City

This week in Chicago was a not-so-gentle reminder that winter is upon us once again. I’ve had a few friends move here in the past year, and, like myself when I first moved here from Arizona, they have no idea what to buy for the winter months! I find myself sending this list to winter newbies a LOT, so I thought I’d share with you all as well!

Keep in mind that there are absolutely cheaper options out there for everything I have listed. However, almost single every item on here is something I own and love and would absolutely buy again. Remember, if you buy quality things in the first place, you’ll never have to buy them again!

What To Buy For A Chicago Winter
(use the arrows)

Other favorites of the season? Comfy merino wool turtlenecks and cowl-neck sweaters (I swear by this one from Lou & Grey).


Definitely comment if you have any questions; I’m so happy to help everyone find their way through the arctic that is Chicago from November – March. Stay warm out there!

Chicago Fall Bucket List

Things To Do In Chicago In The Fall

You guys, I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Or anything pumpkin flavored, for that matter, unless it’s pumpkin pie and/or bread. HOWEVER (gotten back into your chair yet?), I do love fall. Of course.

Things To Do In Chicago In The Fall

Being from Arizona, I never really got to experience fall until I started school at Northern Arizona University, and even then I was so engrossed in classes and my sorority that I didn’t get to enjoy it nearly as much as I do in Chicago. This is my 3rd fall in Chi-town (eeks!) and I refuse to let another year go by without doing at least some of these activities that have been on my list! So without further ado, I present to you my Chicago fall bucket list.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Sunscreen

10 Things You Might Not Know About Sunscreen

I recently met a woooonderful lady named Liz! We met at WeWork when I was visiting a friend who sits there, and we got to chatting about her career as a health coach. I found her fascinating because she has a completely holistic view on life, and she’s also so sweet and friendly in nature! I also had read her Soul Chat before meeting her officially, and this piece of advice stuck with me the most:

“Don’t compare. It’s very hard not to do, and especially because you get inspired when you look at others. But there’s a difference between inspiration and comparing— it’s a fine line.”

I asked Liz to be a guest blogger for Love Always, Audrey because I trust her advice and I was excited to hear what advice she had to share with my readers. Plus, at the end of the post, you’ll be able to get a discount on her 6-week summer health coaching program! Click through to read Liz’s take on an important topic: your skin!


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Local Love – Lori’s

This is not really a fashion blog. You probably knew that already, but I thought I’d clear that up. ;) While I dress in what I deem a pretty acceptable way, my fashion choices don’t often stray from whatever Gap has on sale at the moment. I’m creative in a lot of ways – fashion just isn’t one of them. So where is this post going? I’ll tell you.

When I first moved to Chicago, I was told by countless ladies that I just haaaaad to check out Lori’s in Lincoln Park. So, I did. And I met Lori. And she’s great.

Lori's Shoes - Love Always, Audrey Blog

A Chicago native, Lori opened her doors in 1983 on Armitage. And being the #girlboss that she is, her business was wildly successful – she now has 2 suburban locations in addition to her (expanded) Lori’s LP location.

Now as I mentioned before, I’m not exactly a clothing connoisseur. When I most recently went into the store to find some goodies, I picked pretty much what you would expect me to. Par exemple:

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DIY Business Cards with Paper Source

DIY Business Cards with Paper SourceI’m obsessed with Paper Source. The obsession started when I lived literally 5 minutes from the Scottsdale, AZ location, and grew even more when I moved to Chicago. Did you guys know they’re based here? And thank goodness for that, because I love knowing that I’m not more than 15 minutes from a store wherever I am in the city.

As I’m sure you know by now, I love all things handmade. It even says so in my bio. So of course I make my own business cards, right? I’ve been making my cards this way for a little over a year now, and they’re such a great conversation starter! I love being able to say I made ’em myself. And now, I’m passing the instructions on to you!

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Local Love – Brightwok Kitchen

New series alert! Since obviously my love of Chicago is overflowing, I thought I’d start highlighting some of my favorite local digs. First up? The brand spankin’ new Brightwok Kitchen in the Loop.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

Brightwok is Chicago’s newest, hippest, healthy eatery. I’d like to compare it to Chipotle, but with Asian-style food. They also have a great pre-planned menu with yummy options such as the Eat Right Stir Fry and the Live Bright Salad.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

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Happy Anniversary, Chi.

One year ago today, I hopped on a one-way flight from Phoenix to Chicago. Embarking on the most life-changing journey of my existence to date, I knew I was on to something good.

My Favorite Things About Chicago

I have fallen in love with Chicago, and it’s not just infatuation. There isn’t a single day that I don’t wake up excited and happy to be living here (even when it’s -30 with wind chill). And how could I not love it?! This city is full of things for me to adore. Such as…

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Chicago Summer Bucket List

This summer is going to be a good one; I can feel it. It’s already been SO much fun and it’s only June! Now… who wants to help me check off these bucket list items before winter returns again? (PS I love winter but I saw a picture of snow today and literally shuddered.)

– Hit up every ice cream place on my Chicago ice cream map – twice.
– Spend an entire day at the North Ave beach, including drinks at Castaways and floating on one (or all) of these fun floaties:

– Visit the Wisconsin Dells
– Lollapalooza… duh
– Make my own fruity wine popsciles
– Summerfest in Milwaukee
– Go kayaking and/or stand-up paddleboarding
– Spend a day at Wrigley Field for a Cubbies game
– Spend a day in the playpen (boating area where the boats don’t move but the drinks do)
– Get all my groceries for the week at the Green City Market (Saturday in Lincoln Park)
– Ride the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier (I usually avoid that place and heights like the plague, but ya just gotta do it!)
– Attend the 6 Corners BBQ Fest on June 19th & 20th
– Make this amazing grilled pineapple guacamole
– Check out Taste of Chicago on June 24th
– Eat even more food at Taste of Lakeview on July 11th & 12th
– Watch the Air & Water Show on August 15th & 16th
– Ride a bike to Museum Campus (I need a bike first, though… currently coveting the below from Brooklyn Bicycle Co!)
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.14.48 PM
– Knock a couple of things on this list off, too!
Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the park <– done!

Anything else I should add to my list? I’m open to any and all suggestions! Comment below!