What I’m Listening To – January Edition

Holy crap, can you guys believe that January is almost over? We’re well on our way into 2016 by now, which is insane to me. Who’s keeping up with their resolutions, by the way? I don’t even remember what mine…

What I’m Listening To – September Edition

September was a good month for music, guys. Like, really good. Listen here: Oh, and if you don’t already follow me on Spotify, do that here. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s making killer playlists! Party on, Wayne.

What I’m Listening To – July Edition

I was ALL over the board (music wise) this month. Louis Armstrong covers and Kendrick Lamar? Okay, Audrey. I also discovered the new Paper Towns soundtrack, so there’s a bit of that on here. Also, a few of the bands I’m…

What I’m Listening To – April Edition

I make playlists every month, as my favorite songs of the moment are always changing. Here’s April! It’s a mix of rainy day music (April showers), and upbeat tunes (because it’s FINALLY SPRING!) Enjoy! :)