DIY Floppy Hats

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial For Less Than $40

If you saw my Beach Bachelorette Party post, you saw the hats I DIY’ed for the event. These hats were a huge hit amongst the guests, and apparently, my readers as well (thanks for compliments, guys!).

These hats are normally over $400 — make your own for less than $40!

I didn’t want to hoard all the fun for myself, so here’s a tutorial on how to make a floppy hat of your own! I even included some templates, just in case. Enjoy!

P.S. If you make one, be sure to tag me in your Instagram photos (@audreyhirschl). I can’t wait to see what you create!

Plain floppy hat
– Tacky glue
Sequin trim
Pom pom trim
ScotchBlue painter’s tape
– A piece of cardboard
– X-acto knife
– Scissors
Ultra fine permanent marker
– Cardstock (or another type of thick paper)

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step One:
Download one (or all!) of the templates listed below:
Out Of Office
Do Not Disturb
Life’s A Beach
Fun In The Sun
Drunk In Love

Print out the template on cardstock, or another thick-er paper.

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step Two:
Cut along the letter lines with an X-Acto knife. Be sure to cut all the way through the paper! This will ensure that you can get through the paper with the Sharpie later on.

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step Three:
Use the Blue Painter’s Tape to hold the words in place on the hat. Be sure this is where you want the words to go–no going back now!

Craft your own summer floppy hats.

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step Four:
Carefully trace through the cuts in the paper, along the letters.

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step Five:
Trace your letters with glue, one word at a time. Carefully put down the sequin trim in one piece, and cut the trim where you need to.

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

DIY Floppy Hat Tutorial

Step Six:
Dot your I’s and cross your t’s! Also, use the same glue to place the pom pom trim around the brim of the hat if you please.

Easy, cheap floppy hat DIY!

Step Seven:
Wait for everything to dry, put some sunscreen on, and enjoy the sunshine! Happy summer!

Learn how to make those trendy floppy hats for less than $40! Tutorial inside!

Vacation mode: on. DIY your own floppy hat with this tutorial!


  • Kristi

    I LOVE these hats and totally think I’m going to do a few for a bachelorette party I’m hosting this summer! Can I ask how you made the templates?! Did you write them out yourself or make them online? I wanted to write one with a few other sayings as well but didn’t know how to do that!

    • Hi Kristi! So sorry, I just now saw this! I hand drew the templates and then scanned into Photoshop and cleaned them up for my readers!

  • Julia Moon

    Hi !!! where did you get the actual hats?