Krembo’s 9 Month Pupdate

Holy moly, time is really flying! Krembo is now a little over 9 months old. Our guesses on how much he would weigh were completely off.. we thought he’d be maybe 50lbs max. The little guy is over 70lbs at this point, and still growing! We are hoping he tops out at 75lbs because that is a BIG dog.

Cute Bernedoodle Puppy

Krembo has turned into the sweetest, cuddliest little doggie ever. We love him sooo much, even when he tries to eat all of our pillows and has the zoomies. He has gotten really comfortable with getting on the couch and the bed, and he will lay next to us and cuddle which is so sweet. He also has learned “kiss” and “hug” which melts our hearts.

Cute Bernedoodle Puppy


Krembo’s energy levels have *started* to taper off, which we are thankful for. He is still a very energetic pup who needs 3 walks a day, one of which is a walk to the dog park to play with other dogs for 45 mins. I don’t mind, because it gets me out of the apartment during this pandemic (I’m not sure we’d ever leave the house without him!). Bernedoodles have a ton of energy, especially as puppies, so if you are considering one, please remember that!

Between walks, Krembo literally sleeps all day. His favorite spot to take a long nap right now is behind our Peloton, but he tends to move all over the apartment.

Cute Bernedoodle Puppy


Krembo’s training has been going pretty well, aside from the fact that right now he is an adolescent and, like many teenagers, just loves to blow us off. We are working on this, but also know that it’ll eventually pass! The biggest thing we’ve been working on is leash walking. Because Krembo is so big, he is very strong and has no problem with pulling on the leash. We want to avoid any kind of choke collar, so we are working on positive reinforcement with treats when he does do well on the leash.

F1B Bernedoodle Puppy

Food + Treats + Chews

Krembo is still eating his Purina Pro Plan Lamb + Rice formula kibble. We give him lots of treats and chews between meals because he is always hungry! Some of his favorite treats are from Stella + Chewy’s. We buy these “tantalizing turkey” treats that are technically marketed as meal toppers, but are easy to quickly eat for a leash training session.

Krembo also still eats lots of bully sticks, probably one a day! We still love this bully stick holder that stops him from swallowing it whole.

Like most dogs, he also loves a good stick right out of Central Park.

F1B Bernedoodle Puppy

Things We’re Loving For Krembo

We adore William Wagtail for all their amazing bandanas; they’re customizable and so so cute! We have like 10 now, ha. I love to dress him up when we’re going for long walks on the weekends!

Krembo wears these booties when we go for walks in inclement weather. We also put the booties on him if the sidewalks are salted at all, to keep his little paws safe. No, he does not like the booties. Yes, we force them on him. And yes, I have to chase him around the house in order to get the booties on him.

We recently started using these wipes to wipe down his paws after every walk and we are really liking them! So much that I just ordered 2 more tubs.

F1B Bernedoodle


If you are a new puppy parent and you’re wondering if it gets better, I’m here to tell you that it does. With a lot of training and patience, puppies grow into your little best friends and you’ll never know how you lived without them.

If you have any questions, comment below!