this & that, volume 9

This dress was $16. Yep.

Live from New York, it’s this & that! But really, I’m in New York this week. I’m visiting Idan, who is almost done with his summer internship in the city! Then it’s back to grad school in Michigan, and then he’ll graduate in May, and holycraphowdoestimegosofast.

I digress. Life has been a little insane lately (and by that, I mean a LOT). With ramping up my Etsy shop, in addition to #summertimechi, and also having a full-time job, I am filling up every hour of every day. But you guys know I thrive on that. I’ve had so little time for online reading, so this column has certainly taken a hit, BUT I have been reading a lot of books. Reading helps me wind down before bed (I usually read until I fall asleep), and you can see some of my most recent favorites here on my Amazon page.

Here are some links I’ve gathered in the last few months. I think you’ll enjoy!


This week’s links:

16 early risers share their morning secrets.

“Self-care” is not all baths, face masks, and “treat yo’self” moments. It’s this.

This DIY hidden medicine cabinet is SO good. I think I’ve found my next home project!

I love this DIY copper magazine holder!

This writer doesn’t give a damn what you think of her summer body. YOU GO GIRL.

Ever hated a book but still finished it? I’m guilty as charged. Here’s why this happens to you.

Oh, you guys. I am so obsessed with this French sculptural art.

Charlotte’s mini fruit pies recipe looks SOOOOO GOOD.


In case you missed it (from the blog):

What to buy a newly-engaged friend.

Your health questions, answered by a naturopath.

Chocolate-covered mochi for an easy summer treat!

Cheaper Nordstrom anniversary sale picks for 2018.


I hope you’re having the best summer! xo