A little bit of link love

This. week. is. insane. I just got back from a very long weekend in Los Angeles with friends, and went right into work and activities in the evenings! I’m not too busy, though, that I can’t share with you a few links I’m crushing on.


Becky Murphy’s artist in residency project is soooo cute. I just want to pinch her illustrations’ cheeks.

I’m also loving this article on cultivating gratitude. I try to do this every day, and I swear by recognizing the good things in life.


I’m getting a little bored of my room right now, so I thought dressing up my bookcase would help jazz things up! Here’s 8 ways to do that.

I love this article on combating sexism with 10 words every girl should learn.

My friends mean the world to me – so these 5 lessons on building healthy friendships really resonated with me!