An Easy Rental Kitchen Redo

When I first moved from Scottsdale to Chicago, I was in love with the charming apartments in the Windy City. I was so used to cookie cutter homes and apartment complexes in Arizona that I became completely enamored with vintage Chicago walkups, and have lived in 2 since I moved here.

Renovate a rental kitchen

Our current apartment is in such a good location and is such a great price that we decided to stay another year! But under one condition–the rental kitchen had to get redone. Luckily, our landlord is cool with us painting, so my roommate and I put together a plan and went for it.

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DIY Menorah Tutorial

DIY menorah tutorial–Happy Hanukkah! Tutorial by Love Always, Audrey

Happy (almost) Hannukah! I’m so excited for chocolate gelt, latkes, and lighting candles. To me, lighting the Hannukah menorah reminds me of the responsibility I have to bring more light into the world–I hope it inspires you as well!

I put together DIY instructions for you to create your own menorah! Please see directions and important safety info below! Happy Holidays!

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How To Host a Friendsgiving Dinner

How To Friendsgiving

I live in such abundance. Without sounding too much like bragging, I have it all. I have family and friends that love me, a job that I love going to every day and that pays the bills, food in my fridge, a big soft bed, clothes for all seasons… I could go on and on. And for all of these reasons and more, I am thankful. If you’re reading this, something tells me you have reasons to be thankful, too. Enter Thanksgiving.

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Tips To Decorate Your Desk

Easy tips to make your desk look gooooooood.

Exciting news: a few weeks ago, I started a new job! I’m still in Chicago (and loving every minute of it), and my new position is amazing and I’m just overall really, really happy. And as it just so happens, this new season of my life is starting just as school is also ramping back up.

How to style your desk so it looks perfect on Instagram ;)

While I’m no longer attending classes (at least for the foreseeable future), back to school has always been one of my favorite times of year. After all, I’m utterly obsessed with office supplies, and what better time of year to stock up than BTS?

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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Dream Home Inspo

If you haven’t noticed on Instagram, I take a lot of pictures of houses. I’m practically obsessed with them, and my friends are accustomed to my outbursts (“stop the car! I have to take a picture of that house!”).

Instagram is basically a window into my soul and, with that, unhealthy obsession. Have you noticed that I frequently (like, really frequently) photograph houses? My friends have become accustomed to my sudden outbursts: “Stop the car! I HAVE to take a picture of that house!”

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The Best Mattress You Didn’t Know You Need


When I was 15, I got my very first queen-sized bed. Having just started high school, this was a turning point… I had fiiiinally outgrown my teeny twin-sized daybed! Years and years later, this bed followed me to my first college apartment, then to my first post-grad house, then allllll the way across the country to Chicago, to my first and second apartments. And you know what? After 10 years, it was time for something new.

Tuft and Needle

I first heard about Tuft & Needle through friends who had purchased the mattress, and they couldn’t say enough good things! After some further research, I discovered the truth about regular mattress stores:

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