Hey! I developed a roll of film!


Well, I didn’t develop it myself. I sent it to Indie Film Lab (whom I adore), and they sent me back these scans. And I’m really happy with them!

I made a promise at the beginning of 2016 that I would start shooting more for myself–that included film! I love shooting with film for a few reasons:

1. It forces me to pause and carefully compose my shot – I only have 36 tries, where with digital I have thousands.
2. I’m terrible at getting rolls developed, so most of them span a few years (see: Liam before I moved to Chicago, and 2 years later), and I love finding memories again.
3. It looks grainy and cool as hell.
Enjoy! And please don’t save these photos or use them without my express written permission. You know, creative copyright and whatnot. ;)

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Choosing the best beginner camera

Picking the best beginner camera for the new photographer - Love Always, Audrey blog
You guys wouldn’t believe how frequently I get Facebook messages from people asking what the best beginner camera they should choose. I love seeing people take an interest in photography, and I get so flattered that people trust my opinion on the right type of equipment! Photography is one of my true loves in life, and I love sharing it with others.

Stuck on which camera/lenses/computer programs to invest in first? Keep on reading for the best beginner camera! Note: I am going to recommend Canon products, but I only lean that way because Canons are what I first learned with. I truly believe that both Nikon and Canon are wonderful camera companies, so if you want to shoot Nikon, by all means do so!

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