Photo Gifts for the Nostalgia Junkie

Photos are truly one of a kind. Nobody is like you or your family or friends, and nobody has done the exact same things as you in your life. Your photos, as well as your memories, are unique only to you. How cool is that?

Capturing unique memories is one of the reasons I became a photographer and started a side-hustle portrait photography business in the first place. Time is so fleeting, and I’m incredibly thankful for the tools we have to capture it–and now that we have iPhones and pocket-sized cameras, it’s easier than ever to hold a moment in time.

This is why I think photo gifts are so wonderful. They are unique and very special between the giver and the receiver and hold a sentiment that not many other gifts can!

With that, I picked my favorite products from Artifact Uprising for gifting this holiday season (or any other time, really)! I have personally given one of these gifts before–I got my parents a hardcover photo book a few years ago with photos from our trip to Alaska. They were completely amazed by the quality of the book, and couldn’t believe that I made it or that it was their photos in the book–it looks that professional.

All of Artifact Uprising’s products follow the same theme–beauty and professionalism–so I highly recommend everything they make. Enjoy these photo gift ideas!

Also! Use code AUXA10 until Monday, 12/11 at midnight to get 10% off your order.

One note: be sure to check out their shipping dates to make it in time for Christmas.

Photo Gift Ideas

Photo Gift IdeasPhoto Gift Ideas Photo Gift IdeasPhoto Gift IdeasPhoto Gift IdeasPhoto Gift Ideas

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