So my roommate Tori is a self-proclaimed “cookie monster,” and living with her has made me crave cookies more than ever before. Exhibit A:

6 homemade cookies I need in my life right now

All of these cookie recipes are from Joy the Baker and Smitten Kitchen. I made numbers 4 and 6 this weekend, and they were both delicious!

1. I’m obsessed with anything ginger, especially ginger snaps. I can’t wait for fall when it’s appropriate to make these!
2. Did anyone else grow up on black and white cookies? Helloooo, Jewish deli special. I’d love to make these homemade versions from Smitten Kitchen!
3. Speaking of Jewish delicacies, if you’re never tried rugelach, you are seriously missing out. Though best straight out of Jerusalem, Smitten Kitchen came up with a pinwheel version that I will 100% be busting out sooner than later.
4. Delicious takes a new form in Joy the Baker’s brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Browning butter takes a bit of practice, but is SOOOO worth it for this recipe!
5. These snickerdoodle cookies look like I need to eat them. Now.
6. Okay, so I know this is a weird, weird sounding recipe. But I made these grapefruit white chocolate brown butter cookies this weekend and they were a HIT.┬áJust give them a chance – I promise they’re worth it!