How I Stay Fit in the Winter

How To Stay Fit In The Winter

Winter can be suuuuch a drag (duh). Even though I love hibernating and watching Netflix for hours on end (read: The Crown), I have to really keep on myself to stay in shape from November – March. Luckily, I have no shortage of tips and tricks to stay fit in the winter, so read on if you need some inspo!


I live at CorePower Yoga.

I love CorePower because they offer a variety of classes and have studios all over the country. I can go to a number of studios in Chicago (like a LOT), and then when I’m home in Arizona, I can go to one of their 3 locations too! The classes vary by intensity, so I always get to take what’s right for me at the moment. One of my favorite classes to take is Sculpt—a fast-moving strength training class that incorporates heat and weights. It’s super hard (and hot!), but I always feel so good and strong after. Another favorite of mine is Hot Power Fusion (HPF), which is a hot blend of balance, strength, and flexibility. HPF truly feels detoxifying in the best way!

How To Stay Fit In The Winter

If you go to a CorePower class, remember that you need to bring a towel and yoga mat (or you can rent them cheaply). My current mat of choice is my lululemon 5mm mat, and I pair it with Manduka towels–I linked to some of my favorite yoga accessories below! Also, your first week there is FREE!

If you can’t afford a yoga membership, check out the free classes offered in your city–a quick Google search should do it! Also, your local Lululemon probably offers free classes once or twice a week. Click here for the schedule!

I meditate like my mind depends on it.

I used to think meditation was super weird and definitely not my thing–how wrong I was! I’ve started making meditation an everyday occurrence with apps like Headspace. Even just taking 10 minutes every day to sit in my own head makes such a huge difference in my stress levels. I’ve even started meditating myself to sleep—I’m out like a light in 3 minutes tops. What’s your favorite meditation technique? And if you don’t have one, check out Headspace to give meditation a shot. I promise you’ll love it after a few tries.

I have people to keep me honest.

Everything’s better with a friend. Find someone to commit to a healthy lifestyle with you. For me, that’s my boyfriend Idan. We challenge each other on FitBit, tell each other when we get a workout in, and admit if we had an unnecessary treat that day. Having someone else with an outsider’s perspective to keep you in check really does help, and it doesn’t hurt to add a little friendly competition. Who can go to yoga the most times in one month? That person gets lunch at sweetgreen on the other person. Winning!

I set realistic goals.

No matter what rules you put into place for yourself, they’re not going to happen unless they’re realistic. For example, me challenging myself to not eat any sugar for a whole month just isn’t going to happen (unless I’m doing the Whole30 challenge, which I currently am, ugh). But challenging myself to avoid any added sugar from Monday – Thursday of a given week? Totally doable, and still challenging without making me hate everything. Another goal of mine for this month was to hit my mat at least 20 times in 30 days (and I’m very on track to accomplish this!). Don’t set yourself up for failure. Keep it realistic yet challenging, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

How to keep up with your health this winter - 10 easy steps!

I watch my steps like a hawk (and hydrate like crazy)

I bought a new FitBit this past Black Friday (I lost my old one last year), and I can’t believe how much insight it’s brought along with it. I thought I was getting pleeeenty of steps in per day–NOPE. Turns out I wasn’t walking nearly enough, especially during the work day. My FitBit Charge HR 2 tracks my heart rate, sleep patterns, and, of course, steps. It also has a breathing exercise built in, which really does help calm me down when I need to chill out. Now that I have my FitBit on all the time, I’ve started walking to work when I can, and taking walks after work when I haven’t gotten my steps in for the day. One of my favorite things to do is challenge my other FitBit friends—this is built into the FitBit app and makes for some healthy competition! See what I did there?

10 easy steps to stay healthy this winter

Also, I realize that the FitBit Charge HR 2 doesn’t have the cutest options in terms of bands. Here is the rose-gold band that I bought that makes my FitBit a cute accessory!

I take my vitamins.

Vitamins!! They’re so important. Unless you’re eating vegetables and only vegetables forever (you go glen coco), you’re probably not getting enough of the rights ones. Set up a naturopath or D.O. appointment to go over what vitamins you should be taking and how much of each. They can order the right blood tests and ask the correct questions to figure out what makes your body tick. No body is the same, and we all require different supplements to keep ourselves healthy.

I do calf lifts while I brush my teeth.

Whenever possible, add a little extra something to your daily routine. Take the stairs. Do some calf lifts while you brush your teeth. Add the extra modification in your workout class. It all counts!

Best Chicago Intramural Leagues
The view from summer beach volleyball on North Ave beach–such a dream.

I join intramural leagues.

During the winter, I get cabin fever–badly. My friends and I are always doing some kind of intramural league… usually it’s been dodgeball during the winter months. It’s actually really fun, and we play in an elementary school gym! Talk about a throwback. If you’re in Chicago, check out LTS intramural leagues. I’ve played with them countless times, from volleyball to softball to dodgeball. The winning team of the whole season gets to write a biiiig check to the charity of their choice; I love that community integration! If it’s your first time participating on an LTS team, use code LoveAlwaysLTS to get 20% off your team or individual registration!

I utilize online at-home workouts to get my heart-rate pumping.

Websites like Popsugar have online bodyweight workouts that really get your blood flowing. You can also try the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines, or Tone It Up. A lot of these workouts are also good for vacations–you can do them in your hotel room without any equipment! Byeeee excuses.

I’m nice to myself.

Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your friend. Don’t call yourself fat, ugly, stupid, lazy, or any other mean things. Encourage yourself, tell yourself that you’re doing the best you can, and give yourself a big hug. We are all our own worst critics! So YOU. Yes, you. You’re doing a great job and you’re awesome. And ya look great.