this & that, volume 12

Welcome to the last this & that post of 2018! It’s been a really fun weekend so far, getting ready for the holidays and catching up with friends (and trying to relax!). I fell asleep on the couch watching old Grey’s Anatomy episodes on Friday, so I’d call that a Friday night win for sure.

On Saturday, Tori and I hosted our annual mug and cookie exchange party! Everyone brings a batch of cookies and a mug ~$15. We do the mug exchange white elephant style and people steal from each other… it’s really fun! And everyone leaves with a baggie full of assorted cookies. We’ve done this every year we’ve lived together and it’s fun to see how it’s evolved over the years… see the group picture from our first year below!

I had one of the best brunches of my LIFE this morning in Lincoln Park at Broken Barrel Bar (Southport/Wrightwood). Chef Bryant Anderson had my friend Julie and I in to try out their new brunch menu and we were both so impressed. We had the Hangover Breakfast Sandwich, the Fried Chicken Sandwich, the Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes, and some really amazing chicken wings. It was so hard to pick a favorite dish! A bit of what we ordered was on the seasonal menu, but the Hangover Breakfast Sandwich and the wings are staples there. Try not to drool looking at the menu!

Not only is the food incredible–Broken Barrel Bar is the perfect place to watch a football game in Lincoln Park! Julie and I were both saying how we’d love to bring our boyfriends back because they’d be obsessed with it.

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I really, really, really recommend this place! Thank you so much to Chef Bryant for having us in.


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