Friday Favs – 6 Mugs I’m Currently Loving On

I just really love coffee mugs, OKAY?! Here’s a collection of some of my favorites.

5 Mugs I'm Currently Loving On - Love Always, Audrey Blog

  1. Haters gonna hate, bloggers gonna blog. Mug by The Trendy Sparrow (based in Chicago!), $17
  2. Don’t bother me, I’m editing (or blogging, whatever). Mug by Click and Blossom, $16
  3. I never do, but I wish I could. Mug by Type and Style, $18
  4. Shut up, mug. By Emily McDowell, $16
  5. Good morning to you, too! Mug at Paper Source, $15
  6. But what WOULD she do? Mug by The Trendy Sparrow, $17