Link Love #4


Yes, I realized I haven’t posted since September 10th. I’m really, really sorry – life just gets in the way sometimes. Luckily, I’ve been reading tons of articles online lately, and have so many to share with you! Check ’em out.


I’m trying to stick to this mantra: no more yes. It’s either “HELL YES!” or “no.” I’m sure many of you have read the article “F*ck Yes or No”; this is similar and a little less vulgar in terms of language. ;) 

Design against humanity: meet the creative team behind everyone’s favorite dirty card game!

Do you ever talk like this? Like you’re not asking a question but you end sentences as if you’re asking a question? It’s called Uptalking, and it turns out, a lot of people do it. Here’s how to stop

I recently discovered a great artist named Tyler who draws the cutest cartoons. Check ‘em out here! I’m fully planning on getting some made for gift giving in the future. 

Admittedly, I’ve never been to Paris. But I do admire French culture and Chicago actually has a lot of it! Jess from The Golden Girl rounded them up for us here on The Everygirl!

Another great article from The Everygirl: how to start a meditation practice. Lately I’ve been super super super into yoga and meditating and just being more introspective overall.