this & that, volume 8

Oh my, where to even start with this update?! There has been a TON going on in my life, hence the radio silence over here.

For starters, my little brother got engaged a few weeks ago! So relieved I can finally spill the beans. It was in the works for soooo long and I’m thrilled it finally happened. I could not be happier with my soon-to-be sister in law! She’s the best.

It is FINALLY nice in Chicago. I was wearing a parka 2 weeks ago, and today I spent most of the day outside–I went to the Green City farmer’s market, and then laid out in my hammock with Taryn for a few hours. It was so refreshing to just lay out in the sun without a care. I mean, I have a TON to do this weekend, but I’m pushing eeeverything off until tomorrow when it’s supposed to be raining.

Idan and I leave for Paris/London in less than a week! I’m so freaking excited. I bought a bunch of clothes and accessories for the trip… more on that later.


This Week’s Links:

THE SHOES. If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about the shoes. They’re on sale again!! I highly recommend the nude ones.

The Gal Meets Glam dress collection is everything I want. Seriously, I am OBSESSED.

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How to stop caring so much what others think of you.

I wish I had this guide handy when moving to Chicago!

Here’s what Monica’s apartment would have looked like if she lived in 2018.

Okay, you guys remember when I interviewed local Chicago artist Katherine Corden? The Everygirl did, too, and they also photographed her gorgeous apartment.

How to create a gorgeous cheese plate using stuff from Trader Joes!

I recently discovered Jenny’s Print Shop and I think this will be my forever go-to for inexpensive wall art!


From the Blog:

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