What to Buy a Newly-Engaged Friend

What to buy a newly-engaged friend... great engagement gift ideas for your friends!


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At the ripe age of 27, I’ve had one or two friends get engaged… or more like 20. I’ve lost count at this point! And I always get people engagement gifts–I just have to! I believe in celebrating every single special little moment life gives us–and engagement is a BIG one!

Two engagement gift ideas I use the most are thank you cards and ring dishes. I’ve heard from so many people that these two are just the best to have! A ring dish is helpful in every room of the house (and office!), so even if a friend receives a bunch, there’s always a use for them. And thank you cards! Engaged people write so. many. thank you cards. My friends always say it’s the most unexpected but most useful gift.

I also love this Chill AF Bride shirt from The Daily Tay. She makes a lot of great wedding-themed shirts, like this Married AF shirt (the original one!!), this Honeymoon Vibes shirt, and this Oh Hey Wedding Day shirt.

This The Mrs Box ring box is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I am truly obsessed with these! You can also get them monogrammed if you order directly from their website.

One thing that didn’t make the graphic above that I should have put in there if I wasn’t so lazy are these tea towels! They have wedding/engagement-themed ones every year and they are always different. Here and here are two of the cute ones right now.


And a few engagement card ideas:

Do you have any other engagement gift ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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