Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – For Your Co-Workers (under $25)

I’m a total sucker for a Secret Santa. I sign up for all games I’m invited to, regardless of my holiday budget (Is this a bad habit? Probably!). This year, I come prepared with a list of small(ish) gifts for your co-workers or Secret Santas! These also make lovely stocking stuffers (especially that chocolate bar).

Cheers to the last part of my holiday series! If you missed it, check out gifts for ladies, guys, and your parents.



This Glossier balm dotcom has been my go-to for years. I use it on my lips, hands, cheeks; wherever needs some extra love during the harsh, dry winter. Plus, it comes in really pretty packaging!

I have these little cord-wranglers and I love them! They’re perfect for Type-A friends.

This hydrating face mist is another winter must-have! Again, such pretty packaging.

This Rifle Paper Co calendar is one I buy year after year; it looks so cute on my desk and I get compliments on it all the time!

Have a snarky friend? Give her a snarky mug.

This is my absolute favorite chocolate bar of all time. It’s not cheap — it comes with a $10 price tag, but it’s so rich and flavorful that it will (ideally) last a while. It usually takes me about a week to get through. I know, impressive, right? Anyways, it’s like Lucky Charms in a chocolate bar. YUM.

These initial Anthropologie mugs have been my go-to forever. Everybody loves them, they’re inexpensive, and they’re so versatile! One of mine is currently holding all my paintbrushes at home, and I have another that holds pens at work.

Another one of my favorite small gifts is this little Volcano candle! The scent is so strong that it gets the job done, and the recipient’s space will instantly smell like Anthropologie. Win.

For the avid traveler, how cute is this travel set?! I want one!!

And last but not least, for your friend that could use a bit of encouragement (couldn’t we all?), this bracelet will serve as a gentle reminder that you’re there for her and all her dreams.