2015 Holiday Gift Guide

I get horrible shopping anxiety. Like… HORRIBLE. I start sweating and panting in the middle of Anthropologie and everyone starts looking at me (or at least I think they are) and it’s all just very embarrassing. I just get so overwhelmed by all the choices! Which candle do I buy? Is this notebook better than this one? But should I buy everything in the sale room because it’s 10% off? Ahhhh!

This year, my dear friend Taryn (Soul Cookies) and I came up with a Holiday Gift Guide to take the worrying out of shopping for your friends, boyfriend, and parents. Because while shopping for other people is fun, it’s effing hard!

View two of the three guides below, and be sure to check out Taryn’s blog post for the best gifts to buy your boyfriend!

Also, be sure to stay tuned on Instagram for a chance to win a gift card to buy some of these things! Follow Taryn, too. You won’t regret it.


Best Friends

    • Sip & Lay Lay Sweatshirt, ~$58
      • We all have this friend; the one who’s always down for a wine night and ‘Netflix and Chills’ like an olympic gold medalist. Can you not see them wearing this sweater every day?!
    • Yoga mat, $58
      • Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like that reusable shopping bag from Lululemon. Even better when it’s filled with a reversible yoga mat for that friend that’s really stepping up their yoga game. You’ll namastay’ their favorite friend, that’s for sure.
    • Groceries & Shit Tote Bag, $20
      • When you give your friend this tote bag, you give them the gift of constant compliments at Trader Joe’s. It’s absolutely perfect the guy or gal with an amazing sense of humor (and a bit of a potty mouth).
    • Passport Holder, $24
      • For that friend who’s a #WorldTraveler… get them with this adorable Ban.do Passport Holder before their next trip! Their Instagram pictures may make you jealous, but at least you’ll know they’re traveling in style. #blessed.
    • Ice Cream Pencil Holder, $20
      • Have truer words ever been spoken? This adorable quilted pouch makes us smile, and we know they’ll make your fellow sweet-toothed-friend smile, too.
    • “You and a Celebrity” Illustrated Portrait, $60
      • We all have a friend that’s celeb-obsessed; you immediately think of them whenever you see Beyonce’s face… or Zooey Deschanel’s…. or Oprah’s. This Illustrated Portrait is an absolutely hilarious and adorable way to applaud their fandom, and 10 bucks says it becomes their new wallpaper/cover photo/Christmas card.
    • Blanket Scarf, $19
      • It’s not hard to see why blanket scarves are so in right now… (who wouldn’t want to be draped in a trendy blanket?). Give your friend the ultimate gift of warmth and trendiness with this quilted scarf from Uniqlo, now on sale for $9!
    • Travel the World Calendar, $18
      • Oh Rifle Paper, you’ve done it again. Your friend will love looking at this gorgeous world traveler calendar on their desk, January through December.
    • Grown-Ass Lady Mug, $18
      • Emily McDowell Studio’s got it right with their packaging. Give your feminist friend their new favorite mug and they’ll thank you forever.
    • Goal Digger Sweatshirt, $58
      • Because your BFF is a boss lady, just like you.
    • Girl Talk Pen Set, $14
      • The best way to let your coworkers know you care is surprising them with these adorable Girl Talk Pen Sets. Expect more love notes on your desk, stat.
    • Personality Desk Signs, $28
      • It’s true: she IS a big deal. Don’t be afraid to let her know it! Surprise your #bosslady friend with these clever Personality Desk Signs. It might scare off the interns, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…
    • Pineapple Gold Bucketfeet Shoes, $88
      • The entire Bucketfeet website is a Hipster Heaven. These amazing Pineapple Gold leather slip-ons are the perfect gift for your fashion-forward friend.


Best Parents

    • Photo book from Artifact Uprising
      • If there’s one thing we know to be true it’s that parents LOVE photobooks. This one’s especially gorgeous and made to last, making it their favorite coffee table book forever.
    • Cookbook, $35
      • Dear Mom and Dad, more home-cooked meals, please! They’ll love thumbing through this beautiful hardcover cookbook, and you’ll love testing out the recipes every time you’re home!
    • Moscow Mule Mugs, $24
      • Cheers to the two greatest people you know. They’re going to love mixing up a Moscow Mule in the mugs their favorite child bought them. Bonus points if you get them monogrammed.
    • Monogram Throw, $44
      • Nothing says, “I’ve grown up,” like getting your parents a monogrammed throw. It’s practical, sophisticated and a perfect touch of ‘home’ for parents who’ve recently moved. Plus, it’s perfect for when you’re pretending to be asleep on their couch.
    • Yours, Mine, Ours Keychains, $19
      • Unlock the key to your parent’s heart (sorry, had to) with these genuine leather keychains.
    • Personalized World Traveler Map, $150
      • This map is such a wonderful idea and a great gift to go splitsies on with your siblings. They provide tacks to mark your travels, and you’ll all have fun marking it up and reflecting together (and maybe planning your next family getaway… Bora Bora, anyone?).
    • Foodie Dice, $24
      • How cute are these foodie dice?! Never again will your parents bicker over what they’re having for dinner. At least we hope.
    • Rorshock Cards, $15
      • Whether your parents are therapists or love a new party trick, they’ll get a kick out of this Rorshock Card Deck. Damage control for Freudian Slips not included.
    • Agate Coasters, $64
      • Who wouldn’t want these gorgeous works of art on their coffee table? These Agate Coasters are made of ancient stones and are one-of-a-kind, just like your folks.
    • Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit, $110
      • Our parents will always remind us to go back to our roots. We love this gorgeous, and super unique Succulent Wall Planter for your parents’ kitchen or bathroom!


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