Link Love #7

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Happy weekend, folks! It has finally snowed in Chicago, and I’m loving it. The changing of the seasons makes this Arizona girl snow happy (see what I did there?). I’m bopping around the city this weekend – brunches, dinners, shows, and celebrating one of the most important gals in my life getting engaged! Since I’m sure you’re all just as busy as I am, I’ll make this week’s links quick.


Friends come and go, especially in your 20’s where everyone is scattered across the country (or world). This blogger wrote about her experience and how to keep the good ones.

ERMAHGERD: the untold story of the girl who became a famous meme.

Raise your hand if you effing hate getting ghosted. Then click here for a laugh.

I’m a toooootal morning person. What about you?

This genius website finds all the bar specials in your area. Drink up.

Ugh, Cheryl Strayed is, like, the best.

Picking a place for a first date is the wooorst. Here are 12 in Chicago, already gathered for you!

This girl came up with a list of all the movies that are referenced in Gilmore Girls. Helloooo, winter watching list.

Jess from The Golden Girl couldn’t be cuter with her Girlsgiving! It’s too late for that this year, but maybe 2016?