Tips To Decorate Your Desk

Easy tips to make your desk look gooooooood.

Exciting news: a few weeks ago, I started a new job! I’m still in Chicago (and loving every minute of it), and my new position is amazing and I’m just overall really, really happy. And as it just so happens, this new season of my life is starting just as school is also ramping back up.

How to style your desk so it looks perfect on Instagram ;)

While I’m no longer attending classes (at least for the foreseeable future), back to school has always been one of my favorite times of year. After all, I’m utterly obsessed with office supplies, and what better time of year to stock up than BTS?


Desk styling tips for the modern woman

The layout of my desk is absolutely imperative to my productivity levels. If I have a messy, unkempt workspace, then I’m unlikely to get anything done. Does anyone else feel that way?

When it comes to decorating my desk, I like to include pretty, functional objects. Things like an acrylic gold paper tray, a beautiful gold stapler, and some inspirational books.

Make #adulting look even prettier: style your desk with these easy tips!

An agenda is an absolute must, as well! I’m not the type to remember much–if it’s not in my calendar, I’m not going to do it. I love this planner–it’s gorgeous and purposeful! And who doesn’t love stickers?

Home office style made simple and beautiful.

Desk Styling Tips

Speaking of agendas, Paper Source is currently running their #MYPSCalendar sweepstakes! Now through August 31st, you could win a $500 Paper Source gift card by submitting a photo of your desk! Easy enough, right? Let me know if you win!

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If you have to work from home, at least do it in style. Check out these desk decor tips!

This candle is also amazing–it lights the room up with fragrance even when it’s not actually lit. It smells like rosé, which might or might not make me less productive (dreaming about summer weekends… sigh).

How to style your home office.

Another of my favorites is this Kate Spade pencil pouch. Admittedly, I don’t use it for pencils–it’s such a great cord holder! I put my chargers and headphones in there for safe keeping (because I would otherwise lose them, of course).


I also put together a gifting guide for all of the ladies in your life who are going back to school, work, or just love desk decor! Head over to the Paper Source blog to read it!


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Many of these products were provided to me by Paper Source, a brand I absolutely adore. I promise to always keep it real; all opinions are my own!