Shop Small: Handmade Gifts for Dog Lovers

You guys have met Krembo, right? If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I have a little pup who is my child. I’ve never had a dog before him, and never imagined I could ever love one this much. I have definitely become one of those crazy dog moms who falls for every single targeted Instagram ad for dog accessories, ha! I just can’t get enough things that have his cute little face on them!

Because I am all about shopping small this year, I’m sharing some handmade Etsy finds for dog lovers. If you can, please shop small businesses this year! I promise Amazon doesn’t need your hard-earned cash, especially in 2020.

Here are some perfect gifts for dog lovers:

Via Shop Love Always, Audrey

Custom Pet Mug, $35

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own shop, Shop Love Always, Audrey. I create these custom dog and cat mugs!

Via Shop Love Always, Audrey

Custom Watercolor Pet Mug, $35


Via Lifesastitchh

Personalized embroidered t-shirt, $74+
Ships from the UK, so order early!


Via HitherRabbit

Personalized Bone Toy, $20+


Via Oakdene Designs

Leash Holder, $18+
Ships from the UK, so order early!


Via Shop Mimi Green

Personalized Velvet Collar, $55.95


Via Susabellas

Personalized Dog Food and Water Bowls, $45.95+


Tis the Season Snowflakes Bandana
Via William Wagtail
Custom Bandana, $26
William Wagtail is a local NYC business that makes all of Krembo’s bandanas. The owner couldn’t be nicer!


If you can think of other good gifts for dog lovers, comment below!

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