Blogs To Read + People To Follow

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There are so many bloggers out there that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by them! I know I personally follow hundreds (yep, hundreds) of bloggers on Instagram, and with the new algorithm, it’s easy to forget about people when they don’t show up constantly in my feed. Because I never want to miss a post from my favorites, I have a list on my Evernote of blogs to check out every week, and I read almost every word these women write. Each of them has something special for me to read each week, and I truly look forward to their posts.

Looking for some more fun and helpful reading material? Read on!

Chicago Blogs To Read

Danielle Moss

I haven’t met her yet, but Danielle is one of my favorite bloggers in Chicago (if not overall). She is incredibly real and writes articles that I can’t help but share with friends, like this one about things that won’t complete you, or this one about why she’s happy things didn’t work out the way she planned (this one is my favorite ever). I love her sense of style and decor, and her honesty is refreshing. I also love her series on connecting women in cities–her blog has formed countless friendships! Check it out, especially if you’re new somewhere and in need of some friends.

Blogs To Read

Sugar & Cloth

Ashley’s DIY projects are some of my favorites ever! I love that her tutorials are always for things that are functional AND cute–something that not all DIY projects can attain. I get a lot of decor inspiration from her posts, and I also love that her sponsored content is useful and doesn’t feel too branded. She has truly found the sweet spot between making money and making great content! Some of my favorite DIYs of hers are this one and this one.

Chicago Blogs To Read

The Everygirl

If you’re not reading The Everygirl yet, are you actually a female millennial? Founded by Chicagoans Danielle Moss (listed above) and Alaina Kaczmarski, this site dishes out everything from decor inspiration to dating advice. I love that it’s created and written by Chicago women, and I read it every single week.

Blogs To Read

Victoria McGinley

I first found Victoria’s blog when I was in the weeds of starting my own blog–she’s a seasoned coding pro who has created blogs for countless bloggers you’ve definitely heard of. Victoria has her own blog, which I read religiously for a few reasons: the graphics she creates are unique and eye pleasing (not to mention very aspirational for my own blog), she writes about content that I care about, and she makes awesome Spotify playlists that inspired my playlist series.

Chicago Blogs To Read

The Daily Tay

Oh, what did I do before I found The Daily Tay? I certainly wasn’t laughing as much, that’s for sure. Taylor is another fellow Chicagoan who not only is a hilarious blogger (probably my favorite post ever was this one, and this one that followed it–in that order) but also a self-made t-shirt empress. I’ve bought a few of her shirts as gifts for friends, and they go over very well with the recipients. She also is a must-follow on Instagram stories… I wait until I’m home from work to watch her stories because they’re always so funny and definitely require the sound to be on. I also feel like I’m bffs with her dog, Harlow.

DIY Blogs to Follow


I’ve been following Krys of Melodrama for a few years now, ever since we worked together on a project for one of my clients! Krys is down to earth and adorable, and I love her blog because she shares beautiful and easy DIY tutorials for the home. I’ve gotten a few ideas from her blog, like redoing our kitchen! I really want to add the stick-on backsplash that Krys reviewed next. And how perfect is this temporary wallpaper that she wrote about? I love her midcentury modern style and how colorful her photos are.

Design Blogs To Follow


I truly think that Bri Emery and I are destined to be friends. I’ve been following her since senior year of college (probably the blog I’ve been reading the longest!) and have been in love ever since. Bri’s attention to detail and design really speak to me, especially her travel posts. This woman travels everywhere. Her Instagram feed is something out of a dream, and when I feel uninspired, I quickly turn to it for some colorful inspiration. I’m also a huge fan of her desktop background series, which I have sent to countless people when they ask “where’d you get your computer background?” Another thing I love about Bri’s blog/Instagram is that she is perfectly open and honest about anxiety and depression–seeing her normalize mental health issues has really been inspiring for me!

Fun Blogs to Follow

A Beautiful Mess

When I’m looking for a new DIY project to jump into, this is the very first blog that I check. Sisters Emma + Elsie created this one-of-a-kind blog that has truly turned into an empire, and I love watching them grow! While I mostly visit for DIY tutorials, they also write about food, blogging, home decor, style, and more. They are the two brains behind the #abm hashtag series, which I have been known to use all too many times (#abmlifeiscolorful, #abmlifeissweet, #abmtravelbug, etc). Follow them on Instagram for some colorful fun!

Fashion Blogs to Follow

Gal Meets Glam

Okay, I know pretty much everyone and their mother follows this blog. Buuuut just in case you don’t: Julia Engel and her husband are the creators behind Gal Meets Glam, a fashion blog that has a heavy hand in travel writing and photography. I get massive wanderlust whenever I see posts from them, and frequently check the blog before planning a big trip. A lot of what we did in San Francisco was based on her blog! It doesn’t hurt that Julia and I also have very similar fashion styles, and I love to imitate her looks (even if I can’t always afford the clothes she recommends). Her Instagram feed is truly a dream and I get lost in it from time to time!

Good Bloggers To Follow

The Stripe

I’ve been following Grace Atwood since her Baublebar days when she was their director of social media (I was trying to get a job there after college and followed their social media people relentlessly). What I think I love most about her blog is her reading recommendations–she reads as much as I wish I did, and reviews TONS of books! I always check out The Stripe when I’m looking for a new read. She also has great style and the cutest Brooklyn apartment! Side note: her sister is Rebecca Atwood, a designer/artist whose work I’ve been in love with for a long time. I didn’t put together that they were related until very recently!


These are just a sampling of blogs that I frequent–would you want to see more? Comment below if you’re interested in another post like this with more of my favs! Also, who should I be following that you love?

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