this & that, volume 5

How is it already halfway through February, especially when January was so long?! One thing I think is really cool about the world is how everyone I know seems to be on the same page of when it’s been a long week or short week, or long month or short month. Isn’t that funny?

I posted on Instagram tonight about the MVPs of my new skincare regimen… should I do a post on that? Do you guys even care (I won’t be offended if you don’t)? Comment and let me know if you do! All my current favorite products are here:

What are you all up to for the 3-day weekend? If you’re looking to do some reading, carry on:


This Week’s Links:

Well these look delicious: skinny banana chocolate chip muffins.

So excited for Ashley and her new Sugar & Cloth party product line!

I’m getting some major inspo from these two 101 in 1001 lists! (List One, List Two) Maybe I’ll share one too?

Doggies are hoomans too!

These oatmeal bites look SO yum.

The ultimate Friends drinking game. Game on.

Lavender (the color) is having a moment right now, thank goodness. Remember my KitchenAid? Looks like I had the right idea ;)

121 things to do instead of spending your hard-earned money.

These cookies have been zooming their way around the internet!

Are you following along on Pinterest yet?


From The Blog:

These DIY doormats are perfect for you if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine.

My new Chicago print looks beauuuuutiful in this custom-made frame!

An easy dessert bar idea for spring!

Also, a fun tea party!


Quote of the Week:

“Great people do things before they are ready.”

-Amy Poehler