this & that, volume 10

Happy Sunday from Chicago! I say this loosely–I am currently on the Amtrak back from Ann Arbor, where I spent part of the weekend with Idan. We tailgated for the Michigan game, but didn’t end up going because the weather was pretty crummy. Luckily I like tailgating WAY more than I like football.

This Fall is NUTS. We have had 4 weddings already and have 3 more lined up for the next 3 weekends. To say we’re exhausted is an understatement, but we love celebrating with friends… especially when we get to go home to Phoenix for them!

Without further ado… links I’m loving:


Links I Love:

In case you missed it, I made these decals for women to put in their shower to remind themselves to check themselves. I’m donating a portion of the proceeds to Bright Pink, an organization whose mission I strongly believe in.

5 science-backed ways that taking a break boosts our production.

Do affirmations really work?

These built-for-Instagram places like A Happy Place and The Color Factory seriously make me sad. And I found an author who agrees.

I have been using this free app to split bills with friends when we go out for meals. It has been a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER!

Jess’ Chicago staycation looked absolutely perfect. So perfect that I tagged Idan in her Instagram posts as a not-so-subtle hint. ?

I’ve been getting hit hard with Sézane ads on Facebook and I can see why I’m their target market–they are now my obsession! Their sweaters in particular have been calling my name, specifically this one.

Charlotte’s homemade cinnamon applesauce looks divine.


On The Blog

I hosted a fall-themed garden Shabbat dinner a few weeks ago. It was lovely.

‘Tis the season! What to buy a newly-engaged friend.

I decorated my whole apartment last year for Halloween for $20. As if that weren’t reason enough to get a Cricut machine!

Not all of this is relevant again this year, but here’s my Fall post from last year. Recipes, wish list, playlist… it’s a good one.