So Here We Are (And a Few Resources I’ve Found Helpful)

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So. Here we are.

I’m so proud of all the people I know who are doing their part to #flattenthecurve and staying inside. This all feels so surreal, and I know it’s very much so getting to people (especially you extroverts out there). And yet, I don’t think the end is anytime near. I *think* I’m getting used to this new normal, but my feelings on it change every hour or so. From what I’ve heard from others, I am not alone in this moodiness.

I’ve been comforted by a few things on the internet and wanted to share–I’ll be keeping this updated as I find new resources for happy thoughts!

Sending you love, wherever you are. xo


Feeling the way we feel

This psychologist breaks down why we are terrified of a cough, and how we can calm our fear by comforting our amygdala.

That feeling you’re feeling is grief. This article was helpful for me, as was this one.

Telling the difference between anxiety and COVID-19 symptoms.

Caring for your anxiety

Deepak Chopra and Oprah are partnering to bring us free meditations.

Here’s a list of articles to help you calm your anxiety about the virus.

No, you do not have to be productive during this time!! If people on social media are making you feel bad about being a potato, get off social media.

I’ve been taking Equilibria CBD which has been helping a LOT. They are doing 10% off sitewide, plus you get $20 off if you use this link!

Headspace has a few free meditations on their site here.

Calm also has some free meditations on their site too!

Chill Meditation in Chicago is doing a live meditation every day at 9am and 12pm CST for a 10-15 min meditation

Things to do

If you can read right now (I’m having trouble myself), check out my list of my favorite books from 2019. You can also sign up for Book of the Month, which is still shipping out books! Get your first BOTM book for only $5 by using this link.

Listen to an audiobook while doing a puzzle. If you want to support a small bookstore, sign up for, an audiobook subscription company that supports your choice of local bookstore–I support Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ, my literary home since I was a child. Use this link to get your first book for a discounted $14.99.

I’ve been thinking of taking up needlepointing during this time. I love this post and this IGTV video to help get you started.

Girls’ Night In created this doc of all the best online games to play. Speaking of Girls’ Night In, it’s my absolute favorite newsletter and I look forward to it every Friday. Sign up here!

Listen to a podcast! My favorites include Be There in Five, Bad on Paper, and Girls Gotta Eat.

Learn to knit with this quarantine kit.

I ordered a paint by number kit from this company–ships from the USA!

Bake! Baking is soothing for many people, and I always love recipes from Joy The Baker.

Speaking of baking, make my favorite chocolate chip banana bread.

Host a Powerpoint Party with your friends over Zoom.

Move your body

Popsugar’s Active App is now free for everyone, and available for iPhone and Android. There are a ton of classes, all very fun and ranging in difficulty!

This is one of my favorite workouts so far–it’s a standing, no equipment cardio class that’s only 30 mins long!

Corepower Yoga has a bunch of their online classes up for free. I took their Yoga Sculpt class last week and did not need weights for it.

P.volve is doing a free 30-day membership with code OnePvolve.

305 Fitness is doing live dance parties every day at 12pm and 6pm EST.

… and here’s a longer list of workout and yoga classes you can do for free.

Happy things

The Dodo always brings a smile to my face with cute and funny animals galore!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of TikTok lately, and can’t recommend it enough if you need a belly laugh. If you’re wary of downloading yet another app, I’ve been curating all my favorite TikToks in my Instagram highlights.

Do Good

Everlane is donating all profits from their 100% Human Collection to Feeding America (and they have 25% off sitewide until Friday, April 3rd)

Give blood if you can. Find a Red Cross blood donation center here.