this & that, volume 16

Last time we were here, I was 3 days away from getting married! And now I’m 5 days past the biggest day of our lives. I don’t want to recap the wedding in a “this & that” post, but I will say that it was the best weekend ever, and I’ll share more later. :)

For now, here’s a list of things I’ve been reading and loving around the web!


Links I Love:

I added these Custom Digital Watercolor Photos to the Etsy shop!

I’m literally sitting in my New York apartment right now, but somehow this post about the best places to photograph in NYC is making me… miss New York? Love Blair Eadie always.

Does anyone remember when Sister Bear (a la Bernstein Bears) had “too much birthday?” This is an emotion I feel quite often and this article nails it.

I’ve been saying this forever but get your skin checked! Every year!

I’ve made this Greek chicken recipe at least 3 times in the last month. It’s so easy and good!

I could get on board with this idea for a monthly admin day.

What happens when the wellness industry goes too far?

This is how to get more plants for free !!!

My friend Kaitlyn is an interior designer and her new modern Scottsdale home is AD worthy.

I kind of want to try needlepoint? This (sold out) kit is calling my name! Once it’s back in stock, of course.

In 2019, more Americans went to the library than the movies. *side smile*

20 little things that can help you feel more accomplished.


Quote of the week:

“How wonderful is it that we laugh because our body cannot contain the joy.” -Unknown