Friday Favs – Audrey’s Favorite Instagrammers

  I’m obsessed with Instagram. Like, really obsessed. And I wouldn’t enjoy the platform so much if I didn’t have awesome people to follow, like the amazing creative ladies below! Enjoy! :) @splendid_rags @designlovefest @daniellemoss_ @rclayton @lovelyindeed @bailey.carlin

Friday Favs – Wish List

Blah blah blah “you can’t take it with you” blah blah blah. 1. I’m not going to stop eating cookies, but I could turn up the volume on the veggies a little more. Also, the book is pink and has…

Friday Favs – 6 Mugs I’m Currently Loving On

I just really love coffee mugs, OKAY?! Here’s a collection of some of my favorites. Haters gonna hate, bloggers gonna blog. Mug by The Trendy Sparrow (based in Chicago!), $17 Don’t bother me, I’m editing (or blogging, whatever). Mug by…