Friday Favs – Wish List

Blah blah blah “you can’t take it with you” blah blah blah.
wish list 1
1. I’m not going to stop eating cookies, but I could turn up the volume on the veggies a little more. Also, the book is pink and has the word “pretty” in the title… soo…  Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart, $17
2. I’m on the marble train, and I’m never hopping off. Marble MacBook Skin, $25
3. Because I need something to carry my quarters for laundry. Zip Zip Keychain Pouch by, $20
4. Mean Girls jokes never get old. Especially when they give you compliments. Doormat by BeThereInFive, $40
5. Who doesn’t love a bouquet of ranunculas? Personally, I want to see them every day. Why not in my bathroom? Ranunculus Shower Curtain by Nicole Davis, $68