Link Love Vol. #28

Headboard here
Headboard here

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend — Chicago had the most perfect fall weekend with crisp air, sunshine, and a CUBS WIN! I’m so excited to watch them win the World Series. Go Cubs Go!

… anyways, here are this week’s links:

I LOVE this list of things you can do to turn yourself into a lifelong learner.

This teeny tiny San Francisco apartment is goals.

I’m only 25 and I’m already going through this: social menopause.

Why is dating in the “app era” such hard work?

I actually really needed to see this: how to frost a cake.

Addicted to your phone? This guy says it’s not your fault–and he has a way to save us all (from screen addiction).

I just finished this book and holycrapitissogood.

I’m one of them: why millennial women are so obsessed with stationary.

Hey, I do this too!

A definitive ranking of all of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriends in SATC.

I just got this jacket in the mail and it’s sooo comfy and you need it.