How I Spring Clean My Space, Body, and Mind

How to spring clean your space, body, and mind

That spring cleaning bug gets me every single year. I know I’m not alone here, but once the weather starts warming up by even 10 degrees, I feel like I must clean EVERYTHING. You with me?

How to spring clean your space, body, and mind

I can’t tell you how many bags of things I’ve brought to the Salvation Army in the past few weeks. I’ve cleaned out every nook and cranny of my apartment, and still feel like I have too much stuff!

This year, I’m not just focusing on my closet. I took a few extra measures to shake winter off and really make myself feel lighter for spring and summer!

How to spring clean your space, body, and mind
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  1. As I already mentioned, I cleaned the heck out of my apartment. I took everything out of my closet, got rid of what I didn’t feel a connection to (Kon-Mari style), and when I put things back, I did so with care. Everything I own has a home; I even made a little home for my Cricut machine in my closet using this rolling storage cart. I never thought I’d share a picture of my closet on my blog, yet here I am:

Cricut Machine Storage Idea - this little rolling cart is PERFECT!

  1. I cleaned digitally. I went through my contacts on my phone and got rid of anyone I didn’t know anymore, I cleaned up my Dropbox account and my desktop on my laptop (how many screenshots can one computer hold? Turns out a lot.). I cleaned out the screenshots on my phone (seriously why do I take these?!).

George The Salon in Chicago -- I got the best facial there! Best Facial Chicago

  1. I got a facial. I don’t get these nearly often enough; I actually think they’re better than massages in a lot of ways! I got this particular one at George the Salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast (945 N Rush) . I got the Time Lapse Facial (c/o, normally $250) and it was A-MAZING. Lindsey did a whooole lot of stuff to my skin in 90 minutes; she started with a general cleanse, then did a whole skin analysis for me. I had NO idea that my skin was so dry! I drink sooo much water and am always putting moisturizer on, so this was a big surprise to me. After the eye-opening analysis, Lindsey performed a dermaplane, which is where she used a fine blade to remove several layers of dead skin build up. Sounds gross, feels great. Promise. 

    After that, she did a light therapy treatment on me, and then followed with a chemical peel! She topped everything off with an anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen (important!). I should also mention that I got some pretty great neck and shoulder massages while these products were working their magic. Heaven.I cannot even begin to tell you how this facial made me feel so fresh and so clean for spring. Byeeeee old clothes and byeeee dead skin! Thank you George the Salon for having me; I will definitely be back.

Why I Love CorePower Yoga

  1. I went to yoga. Yoga always clears my head, makes me feel strong, and I just love it so much. You might remember my post about my favorite yoga studio! So even though going to yoga isn’t something new per se, it still makes me feel refreshed and reenergized every single time. Especially the C2 class!


What do you do to spring clean your space, body, or mind? Taking any other tips here!

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