Link Love Vol. #39

Life. is. insane. I’m doing so much outside of work these days, and I’m trying to avoid burnout, but it’s so hard sometimes! I’m looking forward to this weekend because it’s going to be another gorgeous one in Chicago, and Idan will be visiting! We decided to make almost no plans for the weekend, so we can just play it by ear and see what patio we end up on. I’m thinking Big Star, but we’ll see. Sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow, and not plan every single minute, you know? Although as a very type-A person (he is, too), it takes some discipline to just relax.

Speaking of relaxing, we’re planning a summer vacation to Cuba and Punta Cana! I would love recommendations for both, so send them my way!

Okay, on to this week’s links…


Forbes listed the 10 most influential home bloggers. No surprise that some of my favorites are on this list!

Love this inspiring, empowering post from Hallie. She is the best.

What is millennial pink? Why am I so obsessed with it? Is it ever going away? I hope not?

How to raise brave girls.

Liz’s Chicago summer city guide is perfect and includes everything I would recommend myself!

I picked up this cold-shoulder top and these high-waisted denim shorts at Madewell this week and I just cannot wait to wear them! Love that store.

Dill is one of my all-time favorite herbs to cook with, and this list of 14 dill-centered recipes is giving me so much inspo for the kitchen.

This is how the most successful women spend their Fridays. How many of these do you do?

Blogger Kat Tanita just moved to California, but before that she had an incredible NYC apartment. Tour it here!