Chatbooks Review

Chatbooks Review - Love Always, Audrey BlogAs a photographer, I’ve always stressed the importance of printing photos – you can’t pass a Facebook page on to your grandchildren, right?

I recently came across this awesome new app called Chatbooks. Chatbooks is the easiest way to preserve memories. These books are 6”x6”, are perfect for your coffee table, and make the best gifts!

There are three types of Chatbooks:
– Instagram Series
– Chatbooks Series
– Custom Books

An Instagram Series is a subscription service. Once you’re all signed up, you’ll receive an ongoing series of 60-page Chatbooks, all sourced from your Instagram account. Your photos appear in chronological order and you can choose your own cover photo and book title. I made mine “My Life in Squares.” You can also exclude any photos you want, and decide if you want to include the caption and date. The best part? These little books ship automatically once you hit 60 more photos. The other best part? They’re a whopping $6 each. 

A Chatbooks Series subscription is just like the Instagram series with one big difference: you can have more than one contributor so you can include photos from more than one person’s phone. AKA, if you went on an amazing Spring Break trip, your friends can add their photos too. P.S. You can also use your own personal hashtags to make a Chatbook! Read about that here.

Custom Books can be created with anywhere from 30-300 pages using photos you choose from Instagram or the photo gallery on your phone. This is a one-time deal – you won’t be signed up for a subscription, and you can customize pretty much anything in your book! TIP: I wanted to make a gift book, but didn’t have all the photos on my phone. So I uploaded them to Dropbox and used the Dropbox app on my phone to save them all to my camera roll. It can be a little tedious, but the result is TOTALLY worth it!

Want to win a Chatbook for yourself? Head on over to my Instagram page tomorrow (5/7) for a chance to win $30 in credit – that’s 5 books!