Friday Favs – Oh, Etsy.

A blogger obsessed with Etsy… shocker. But how can you not love this website and all its inhabitants? Here are a few of my favorite recent finds!

P.S. Can we talk about how we were just celebrating New Years and it’s already May?! Slow down, time!

il_570xN.618422855_5cb4Did you guys know I’m from Arizona? Well now you know.
Arizona Cutting Board, $48 (AZ is the 48th State… this humor is not lost on me.)

il_570xN.468299929_9rbyI’m in love with this pillow cover and must have it. End of story.
Bicycle Pillow Cover, $64

il_570xN.633646953_f9taWell that’s one way to dress up your computer! I can’t wait to get these for my next Mac.
Mac Floral Keyboard Stickers, $20

I send a lot of Thank You cards. I mean, a lot. How cute would this be for the envelope?
Merci Beaucoup Rubber Stamp, $19.50

il_570xN.430991082_beuiHi, America. You’re pretty.
State Flower Screen Print, $55

il_570xN.692286961_tfne“Yeah, we get it, Audrey. You’re from Arizona.”
Cacti print, $22

Arrested Development is life.
Buster Bluth poster, $10