Happy Anniversary, Chi.

One year ago today, I hopped on a one-way flight from Phoenix to Chicago. Embarking on the most life-changing journey of my existence to date, I knew I was on to something good.

My Favorite Things About Chicago

I have fallen in love with Chicago, and it’s not just infatuation. There isn’t a single day that I don’t wake up excited and happy to be living here (even when it’s -30 with wind chill). And how could I not love it?! This city is full of things for me to adore. Such as…

  1. There are so many people here from all different walks of life.
  2. The food options are limitless. I haven’t eaten at a chain restaurant in a year (except Chipotle because burritos).
  3. I love walking/taking public transit everywhere! My FitBit has never seen so much use.
  4. Speaking of walking everywhere… I run into people I know on the street ALL THE TIME! Best ever.
  5. I love how the city comes alive as soon as the temps are above 55. People are just so dang happy and want to be outside as much as possible! The winter really makes you appreciate good weather days.
  6. Brunch. Preferably boozy brunch.
  7. Vintage apartments have the best charm.
  8. I love how all the different neighborhoods have their own flair. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, there’s always somewhere to go!
  9. There are so. many. donut. shops.
  10. Midwest charm just can’t be beat (could you people BE any nicer?!).
  11. In my neighborhood, there are like, a million 20-somethings. Lakeview and Lincoln Park kind of feel like college, but grown up.
  12. Nobody really cares what you look like all the time, so I walk around in sweats with no makeup on all the time.
  13. Boats.
  14. Street festivals.
  15. Improv shows are the best! Second City and iO are my favorite places to laugh for hours.
  16. Patios.
  17. I just love how affordable rent is… I have the cutest frigging apartment and I pay so little for it!
  18. Pizza. Pequods, specifically.
  19. I love how the skyline just never, ever, ever gets old.
  20. Cubs games, anyone? #NorthSiders
  21. FALL. Have you seen all the leaves?
  22. SPRING. Have you seen all the tulips?
  23. 4am bars… aka ending up at the Hangge Uppe every time I go out (#noregrets).
  24. Alleys. AKA no smelly trash on the streets!
  25. Chicago popcorn. If you don’t eat the caramel with the cheddar, you’re doing it wrong.
  26. Ravinia Festival (even though it’s in the burbs… still counts).
  27. This city’s architecture probably can’t be beat. Every building has amazing history and the most incredible details. Speaking of…
  28. The Chicago Theater is my favorite place to see shows. Vintage charm meets great music!
  29. Movies in the Park… you really can’t beat having a picnic in Millenium Park while watching Back to the Future!
  30. One of the best things about being a Chicagoan is getting to participate in Chicagoan camaraderie. Hawks win? Riot. Cubs win? Sing a cute song. Good weather? North Ave beach. People who live here are damn proud of living here, and I’m one of ’em.

Here’s to my first year in my new home. I love ya, Chi. Happy anniversary.