Local Love – Brightwok Kitchen

New series alert! Since obviously my love of Chicago is overflowing, I thought I’d start highlighting some of my favorite local digs. First up? The brand spankin’ new Brightwok Kitchen in the Loop.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

Brightwok is Chicago’s newest, hippest, healthy eatery. I’d like to compare it to Chipotle, but with Asian-style food. They also have a great pre-planned menu with yummy options such as the Eat Right Stir Fry and the Live Bright Salad.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

While these pre-planned options looked delicious, I opted to make my own. I got the Thai Basil Custom Bowl with brown rice, green peppers, carrots, zucchini (a double order of that one), and kale! I chose the medium sauce because I like things a little spicy (Arizona girl over here).

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

The overall aesthetic of Brightwok Kitchen is sooo cute. It’s very bright (no surprise there) with fresh flowers everywhere, subway tile (my fav!), and very cool lighting.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, IL

Not to toot my own bowl-making abilities, but my food was so, so good. Did I mention that their whole menu is gluten free?! Also, their sauces are vegan, so if you order tofu instead of meat, you’re golden.

Brightwok Kitchen - Chicago, ILBrightwok Kitchen - Chicago, ILI hope you’ll all get a chance to try Brightwok Kitchen, especially if you work in the Loop!

Have an idea for another local eatery I should feature? Comment below!