Link Love Vol. #42

What a week, huh? Everything feels so heavy right now. And yep, you bet I’m talking about Charlottesville. I admittedly love Twitter and my feed has just been this jumble of sadness for days now and I can’t get over it. Sorry to get political as I know that’s not what you all come here for, but I can’t stay quiet on this one. This 22 minute documentary is chilling to the bone and important to watch. I loved Lauren’s Instagram post about the situation because she summed up exactly what I’m feeling.

On to some of my favorite recent links that have nothing to do with politics!


This bangle had me laughing out loud and I might get it. The whole collection is so great.

If you’re still obsessed with the music you listened to in high school, you’re not alone. For me, it’s allllll the emo music, ha! The science of why we love this music more than modern tunes is explained here.

What word would you make with this foliage sign DIY?

I’m going to be writing a separate blog post about this too, but for now here’s Jess’ excellent guide to networking in the modern age.

Seems like everyone is striving for an extraordinary life these days (myself included) – but what if all you want is mediocrity? Is that so bad? This was a really interesting read.

This baker has one hell of a sense of humor.

I’m truly obsessed with Packed Party and their founder, Jordan. They just started a really great podcast – listen here!

New City Mentors is a really interesting concept and I’m excited to see where it goes! I could have used this when I first moved to Chicago.

Can’t wait to check out these 10 highly anticipated books this year.

Speaking of books, have you guys seen Grace’s reading lists? I know what I’m doing this winter…


ICYMI: a sunset summertime rooftop soiree, my Mexico City guide, and how I redid my rental kitchen for under $100.