Link Love Vol. #43

Link Love Vol. #43

Happy Friday from Michigan! I’ve been a busy gal – I was in Phoenix last weekend celebrating my dad’s birthday and then flew to Detroit for work and now I’m in Ann Arbor until tomorrow when I fly to New York for Taryn’s wedding… it’s a lot but I’m used to it by now!

I have some fun weekend reading for you, if you’re going to be on a plane, train, road trip, etc! Enjoy!


This article is important. Why Danielle Moss of The Everygirl is glad things didn’t work out as planned.

The Parent Trap is arguably one of the best movies of my generation. And the fashion is awesome. 

Immediately putting all of these on my Chi restaurant list: the best Mexican restaurants in Chicago.

Off-the-beaten-path travel experiences for the adventurous soul.

Exercise could help you learn a new language. Really.

My mom and I did this DIY project last weekend and it was awesome (pictured above).

Dying to read this book for the modern hostess.

This love story. Ugh, all the feels.

Ok I know this is a kid’s birthday party but I am so obsessed and need to turn this into an adult’s birthday party somehow?!