1-Month Peloton Review

It’s officially been 1 month since we got our beloved Peloton bike, and I wanted to give an update as to how we’re liking it so far, and also share a tip on how to save money on a Peloton!

How To Save Money On a Peloton

How To Save Money On a Peloton

How To Save Money On a Peloton

Why We Bought A Peloton

I’ve always wanted a Peloton bike, and we finally decided to pull the trigger during quarantining for Covid-19. I saw how my friends with Pelotons were able to get cardio exercise indoors during that time, and found myself constantly longing for a good sweat–something that’s generally hard to achieve in a 800 sq. foot apartment. When I found out they have a payment plan, that pretty much sealed the deal. That, and a “business case” I put together for my husband that outlined all of the reasons I needed one. I even created a “Shtayer family logo” in Canva because I wanted it to look really official!

To be super clear, I would have bought it no matter what. But it doesn’t hurt to have your husband’s approval when you’re buying a $2k indoor bicycle. And it also doesn’t hurt to get his buy-in with a little bit of humor ;)

How to save money on a Peloton

How To Save Money On A Peloton

We saved money on our Peloton bike by using a friend’s referral code for $100 off accessories, and then buying the cheapest bike package. We then used the $100 towards a mat (which we ended up returning), and 2x sets of weights (2lb and 3lb). That way, we avoided buying the more expensive package! We also did the payment plan, which is around $60/month (plus the $40/month membership). $100/month was a lot easier to swallow than paying all of it upfront.

If you want to use our referral code for $100 off accessories, email me at lovealwaysaudreyblog (at) gmail.com! Or send me a DM through Instagram :) 

We didn’t go with the Peloton spin shoes, and decided to order some off of Zappos instead. Idan and I got the below shoes; we really love them! If you buy off-brand shoes, you also will need a set of cleats–below are the ones we have and we really like them.



How To Save Money On a Peloton

Classes I’m Loving

By far, my favorite classes so far have been Cody’s themed classes. Here are a few I’ve loved so far! Hint: click through and bookmark these classes for later–make sure you’re logged in!

Robin’s 30-min The Greatest Showman Ride
Cody’s 30-min Backstreet Boys Ride
Cody’s 30-min Lady Gaga Ride
Sam’s 30-min Broadway Ride
Robin’s 30-min Hamilton Ride


How To Save Money On a Peloton

Other Reasons to Love the Peloton

There are so many reasons I love my Peloton, but in case you need further convincing (or need to show this to your spouse, ha!), here are a few of them:

  • I can work out any time I want, and the class times are varied so I can pick a class that fits into my schedule. I mostly take 30-min rides, but love that I can squeeze in a quick 20-min class during lunch.
  • I wear whatever I want to work out because I’m in my own home. I am kind of shy about wearing a sports bra and short shorts to an in-person class, but at home I wear whatever I feel like! Generally it’s bike shorts and a sports bra.
  • The Peloton community is awesome. Other classmates give you high fives throughout class, and it’s very cool to know there are people doing the same ride at the same time as you are.
  • The classes go SO fast. Usually I’m the person watching the clock during workout classes, but during Peloton rides I am constantly astounded when we’re at the end. The instructors have the best personalities and playlists, and truly make the work fly by.
  • I’m competitive by nature, so having a number that I’m trying to hit every class really is quite motivating. I recently hit 200 during a 30-min ride, and it felt so good to keep beating my former records! 250 club, I’m coming for ya!
  • Peloton doesn’t just offer cycling classes; they have a huge library of other types of classes, like weight lifting, HIIT, yoga, and even meditation!


Overall, the Peloton was the best investment in our health and happiness that we could have possibly made during quarantine. I’m thrilled with our decision, and would do it again in a heartbeat! If you want to follow me on Peloton, my username is ashtayer91 (real original, I know).


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