Link Love Vol. #33

image via They All Hate Us

I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend. Didn’t 2016 just begin? I’m wrapping up this year and starting to plan ahead for 2017–I have some big goals for the year! I’ll be posting about that later this week. For now, enjoy this week’s links!


This Prada Marfa gingerbread house is the home of every hipster’s dreams.

Putting this one on my holiday wish list: an Audrey Hepburn-inspired sleep mask.

You just can’t please anyone these days.

This was the circumstance of many of my relationships: friendship at first sight.

These are the 6 best books I read in 2016.

I just love these colorful rugs that Blair highlighted! What do you think of them?

Adore these: 4 alternatives to paper wedding stationary.

I’m just dying to visit Tokyo; Bri’s trip looks incredible and gives me so much inspiration!