Watercolor Portraits Now Available

One project from our wedding that I really loved doing was these watercolor pictures of all the places Idan and I have visited and loved. I taught myself how to make these digital watercolor paintings, and then turned photos from our travels into collectible watercolors. And, during quarantine boredom, I had the idea that people might be interested in these for themselves! I quickly put a few of the paintings up on my Etsy shop, and started offering custom listings, and so far they’ve been a hit. Woo! Here’s how they work:

Digital downloads

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The “places” are on sale for digital download, for $10 each, with the opportunity to order a print on high-quality, watercolor paper! They are all sized for 8×10 paper but can easily be printed on 4×6 or another size.

I’ve been adding a few each week as I make the files suitable for at-home printing, and would love suggestions for more places to make available for printing! You can see my past travel posts here; pretty much any photo is fair game! I want to be able to share the beauty of the places I’ve visited with everyone, especially now when travel is limited at best. I can’t wait to be able to travel again!

Right now I have these available:
Parisian Peonies
New York City Central Park
Macy’s Coffee Flagstaff Arizona
Jerusalem Western Wall
Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)

Watercolor custom portraits

Watercolor Custom Portraits

The watercolor custom portraits are a simple process! You purchase the listing on Etsy, message me a high-res jpg of the image you want to use, and I’ll turn it into a watercolor portrait for you. You can either order a digital download to print at home, or order a print and I’ll have it printed and shipped to you on high-quality watercolor paper. The sizes available are 4×6, 8×10, and 11×14.

Watercolor Custom Portraits

I’m really loving this project and hope I can bring joy to people’s homes. xo

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Custom Watercolor Portraits